I’m writing this on the Summer Solstice from New York City. I love long summer evenings, love traveling to places other than San Francisco (like NYC) to experience real summer weather!  

In late 2016 I hoped that 2017 would be a more comfortable, coasting year. Hah! It’s been as steep a learning curve as any year since I started poseycorp, just in a deeper way. Every time I think I’ve shed what I need to shed, and learned what I need to learn, the universe throws something new at me. 

The good news is I have a wonderful team and remarkable clients. It is so rewarding to help leaders thrive as great communicators! If we should collaborate to create something that will be great for poseycorp’s clients and yours, ping me at [email protected].

Finally, after a six month hiatus, I’m diving back into the draft of my potential ‘is it a memoir?’ book, because it won’t leave my brain alone. 

 And that’s where things are for now . . .