Is there anything more enlivening than Spring flowers? poseycorp was named for flowers, because flowers blossom like great ideas and the great innovators that create them!  

In 2017 so far poseycorp has spent a lot of time helping clients beat complexity into submission, emerging with elegantly simple, compelling messages that will reach all of their audiences.

poseycorp is also coaching new CEOs to step into their roles and thrive. Helping them become great communicators is why we are in business!

If we should collaborate to create something that will be great for poseycorp’s clients and yours, ping me! I’m at

On a personal note, I’ve put aside the draft of my potential ‘is it a memoir?’ book. This year it’s going to be a business book instead. Brutal prioritization is the name of the game! So watch for ‘Six Things Every Great Communicator Does’ this August 5 (poseycorp’s 4th birthday).

 And that’s where things are for now . . .