Taking On The ‘B Word’

From The Holmes Report: “Communications is about control. We strive to deliver one consistent message to the marketplace through the mouths of people who, yes, we must control. We strive to coordinate and enhance when and how news is released. That’s our job. Successful and effective PR requires an element of fascism. A truly successful PR woman must be completely comfortable with telling other people what to do.” Read more.

The 30:40:30 Rule

From “It would be a bit ridiculous for a senior manager to expect the top 30% to be 100% of the job.  If your job is entirely wonderful you’re not facing the tough things that need to be done or you’re being unrealistically sheltered from pressure.  If there’s no middle 40% you’re in a very rare job indeed.” Read more.

Authenticity Required: Successful Sponsored Content Will Be Both Real and Useful

From Medium: “Corporations who are brave enough and disciplined enough to communicate authentically, usefully and truthfully can capture remarkable opportunities in today’s marketing and media culture. They can carve out honorable, valuable citizenship in our forever shifting network of ideas and voices.” Read more.