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and you must
with it.

poseycorp helps innovators become great communicators


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You need to hire a great team, forge strong customer relationships and lead your market with a powerful point of view. You can do none of these things without exceptional communication skills.

You’re fearless, inspired and energetic. You are an innovator. You see the future so clearly – an amazing team, devoted customers, a thriving business. To get there you must enlist and lead people, win customers, build partnerships and get funding. To get there you must build new skills. Great ideas require great communicators.

Become a great communicator: Make poseycorp the secret weapon in your arsenal.

“Lisa’s bold and pragmatic advice helped me transform my career.”



what to say

A powerful, compelling message is the foundation of every successful communication. To enlist and lead a strong team, win customers, build partnerships and get funding you need to know exactly what to say to move your audiences to act.

Great ideas need great messages.

“Lisa is the best coach and speaking trainer I’ve worked with,
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how to say it

Great delivery makes your message transcendent. Poor delivery derails everything. Learn the techniques to present your best self in the boardroom, the broadcast studio, the keynote stage and even in vital 1:1 conversations. When you master communication you reach and convert employees, customers, investors and the media.

Great ideas need great communicators.

“Lisa’s powerful questions gave me the energy and confidence to reinvent my business.”


why to say it

Stephen Covey says communication is the most important skill in life. It is without question your most powerful leadership tool. Every time you communicate you are building your brand. You are acting on your strategy. You are cementing bonds with employees, customers, partners and investors. Your communications strategy is your business strategy.

Great leaders are great communicators.